Our group lessons are the best way to learn or improve snowboarding at any age, and entertain in a conviviale.Chaque current atmosphere will give you the opportunity to improve your technique through specific exercises your monitor to ensure your progress and security.
Group Lessons Beginers / Intermediate
KIDS Collective, from 7 years: 5 days x 2 hours, booking snowboard lessons only for beginners, distributed in the week according to booking amount, 7 students max. For optimized and guaranteed fun learning. 147 €
Teens / Adults Group lessons
3 days x 2 hours snowboard lessons distributed in the week, 7 students max, 93 €
Initiation KIDS (3 to 7 years)
3 x 1 hour = 75 €
1h = 27 €, 5 kids max, equipment included.

2h30 lesson + Vidéo Analysis
Specific lessons for an efficient snowboarding progress, from an advanced level, 7 people max.
Schedules selected according to the weather conditions on the ski area, the general level of the group and his specific needs.
Video analysis in the late afternoon for a return on technical and especially a Pure aperitif (food & beverages not included).
5 Pure Sessions are organized every week.
5 sessions = 193 €
3 sessions = 123 €
1 session = 47 €
Pure morning Sessions: Carving / Freeride / Boarder Cross Pure Afternoon Sessions: Freestyle Initiation / Flat tricks / Jib / Kicker / All terrain.
Private snowboard lessons allow you to progress day by day or spread over the week in a fully customized according to your needs and desires with a dedicated monitor, who will effectively answer to your expectations with passion and effective techniques in each situation alone, with family or friends.
Optimized progression through video analysis for a to 2h30 lesson
Private Coaching
Half-day or full day, get tips and tricks from your monitor to provide the Freeride session of your dreams.Half-day or full day, get tips and tricks from your monitor to provide the Freeride session of your dreams.
Thanks to the good advice on mountain safety, you’ll find scenarios where you can move off the tracks safely. (Special Rates on rental of safety equipment, D.V.A., bag, shovel, probe).

Declining prices for engagement ½ day (3h30) 154 € and day (7h) 283 €.
Measure training few days per week at great rates! 2 days, 215 € / 3 days, 317 € / 4 days, 423 € / 5 days, 497 € (7 € / hour / additional person)
Season training
Used to snowboarding? Dreaming about being the next champion? New kid on the country just looking for friends to ride? You can be followed the all season to have a Pure Style in all situations. Seasonal monitoring, Let's play !
2 hours every Saturday during the season or the all weekend (excluding school holidays), also special price 12 lessons 397€.